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I'm Feeling Pretty Bad About Shooting All These Russian People

"Defeat the monstrous mutants and barbaric brutes of Moscow’s underground" begins the description of the game I've been playing where I shoot vagrants and bag ladies in the face. Why am I killing all of these people? "Veiled terrors have transformed the inhabitants of Moscow into horrific demons," the description of Moscow Dash explains. Well, if they're horrific demons, then I...



Don't rush to the chopper

Heli Hell isn't a bullet hell game. It might look like one, it might even stomp around making noises like one, but don't let that fool you. Bullet hell games give you a maze of projectiles to weave through. Heli Hell gives you a wall to smash into, over and over again. It lacks the subtlety of the genre. Where bullet hell games are light, this is a cumbersome thing with an emphasis on grind rather than pattern recognition.

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USA calendar is intended to be a helpful general reference that provides you with a daily report on the dates and days of the week, graphical picture of a moon phase, sunrise and sunset time as well as interesting


This application features a great mix of interesting and simply funny facts about every US state - general info, historical events, some dumb laws and points of wonder together with wonderful landscapes


With UK calendar it’s easy to keep track of both important historical events and entertaining facts and trivia all in one place. This great little app would be a nice option for everyone